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Is it compulsory to apply initially in the State Government for Grant of MSC before applying On line to NCMEI?

Yes, applicant has to apply first for MSC in State Government before applying for MSC online portal.

If the State does not have any competent authority then how can user apply for MSC in NCMEI On line portal?

Petitioner can apply directly for MSC Application in NCMEI On line Portal.

What should an educational institution do for grant of MSC on On line Portal?

The applicant should move an application first before the Authority established by state government for grant of minority status certificate. If the authority grants minority status certificate, there is no need to approach the Commission thereafter. In case of rejection of application or inordinate delay by the authority, application may be made to the Commission.

Is there any Time Limit for submission of deficiency in online portal?

No. there is no time limit till date.

Whether any of the details provided by the user can be changed in between the process?

No, any of the details provided by the user can not be changed in between the process.

Do applicants need to fill complete MSC application form in one take on On line portal?

No, MSC application form has been divided into four parts for the ease of users, and each part has to be filled completely in one take, but Part-I, Part-II, Part-III, and Part-IV may be filled in several spells.

After filling up of the MSC application, MSC application can be previewed?

Yes, After filling up of MSC application form, Complete MSC can be preview by the user before the final submission of the MSC application.

Whether the "Individual Person" can apply online for MSC? 

No, Individual person has to apply in offline mode.

Whether UID and PAN are compulsory for filling MSC application online?

Yes, UID issued by NGO Darpan/NITI Aayog and PAN provided by the user in NGO Darpan/ NITI Aayog are required for filling the MSC application On line.

How On line process works?

On line process works exactly in the same fashion as offline mode.

Do user needs to submit the hard copy of the application even after filling the application form online? 

Yes, user has to send two sets of hard copies of the water marked application form approved by NCMEI within the periods of 30 days.

What happen if application is not delivered by the user or not received by the Commission?

The application will be locked after 30 days if hard copy is not received and the application will not be entertained thereafter.

Will the applicant has to apply again On line or not, If the application is locked? 

Yes, applicant has to apply as a fresh on On line portal.

What is the procedure for filing application for grant of minority status certificate (MSC)?

An application for grant of minority status certificate may be made to the Commission using "Apply for MSC" link available on the website, and the manual for the same is also available on the website.

What are the documents required for filling up the MSC online application form?

In case of Society, Scanned copy of Society Registration Certificate, Memorandum of Association and in case of Trust, copy of Trust Deed, with all amendments should be enclosed. In case of institutions run by individuals/single management, an affidavit to this effect should be filed.  

Whether Linguistic Minority can apply for MSC on On line portal?

No, Linguistic Minority can not apply for MSC on On line portal. The Commission do not entertain applications from Linguistic Minorities as this does not fall under the ambit of the NCMEI Act.

What are the modes of alert used to intimate the user about the activities happened with in the case in NCMEI?

Yes, NCMEI has provided two modes which are email and SMS facility.

Whether the applicant can view hearing details online?

Yes, applicant can view the hearing details On line after login to NCMEI portal.

Whether the applicant is intimated about the issuing of the notices and orders?

Yes, applicant is intimated on registered e-Mail id through e-Mail and on registered mobile number through SMS facility.

Is registration Number and Reference Number is different from each other?

Yes, Registration Number is allotted automatically when user register itself for getting login-id and password, where as Reference Number is given when user successfully submits the MSC application form.

How can applicant track his application or enquire about his MSC application?

Using Registration Number, applicant can enquire about his application if it is in initial stage. Else, Case Number will be used for enquiry of the status of his application.

Whether applicant can view the status of his application On line?

Yes, Applicant can view the status of his application On line after login to NCMEI On line portal.

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